About this site

 This site is being developed by Professor Tim Hickey of Brandeis University as part of a project to increase the level of interest in Computer Science among the general population, but especially in under-resourced communities where there are few opportunities to learn Computer Science and Software Development.

The resources on this site are being developed for courses offered at Brandeis but the goal is to provide an online curriculum that could be followed by anyone with access to the internet and a computer.  This site is designed for students with no previous experience with computers.

All material on the site is licensed under some variety of the Creative Commons license, so you should feel free to download the games and other resources and
"remix" them to suit your interests! 

If you develop some interesting game assets (e.g. skyboxes, characters, vehicles, buildings, furniture) or entire games that you want to share, please contact me at tjhickey@brandeis.edu and I can add your resources to our github site.